Starting Where I Am

Many professional photographers offer the advice to ”start where you are” as it applies to our personal photographic journey; with the myriad cameras, lenses, lights, editing programs/computers/apps and other black holes for camera-heads to pour their money into, I appreciate hearing this from a number of sources. The seduction of believing that a new piece of gear will “make me a photographer” is all too real, and though there are certainly minimum requirements for labeling ourselves ”photographer”, the specifics of those is largely undefinable.

I have spent the past months pouring over camera and lens reviews, pricing out the latest Mac and Westcott packages and watching video after video of those photographers who’s shoes I believe I’d most like to walk in, and come up with a list of what I really need, the cost of which would move my retirement back into my late 80’s at best.

“BUT it has megabytes! and frames-per-second! and buttons! and bokeh!” I say.

”BUT I can finance it!” I tell myself.

“But a REAL photographer uses all of these things!” I try to justify.


Suddenly, I realized that for all of the hours I had spent reading and watching and wanting and imagining – I hadn’t spent a single minute taking a single picture. And that is when I took my very first step on my path to being a photographer. With my crop-sensor mirrorless, 2 kit lenses and a 30mm prime, a spare battery and a deep love for the chemistry that develops between people when a camera is involved, I begin my journey.

Yes, I still have a wish list but first things first: find a few people who will let me click the shutter a few times, look at what I get and see how I can make it better. Practice makes improvement and, if what I have written strikes a familiar chord, feel free to share the journey with me.

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