Choices, choices, choices

As frustrating as it can be to come back from a session and have a hard time finding anything to my liking, the opposite can be truly frustrating as well! I don’t believe there is such a thing as “too many keepers”, but when a number of pictures turn out so well, and the subject hits it on so many clicks, the issue becomes: which one is THE one to represent the entire shoot?!?

Worse problems exist, but in the swipe-centric world we live in today, there is often only one fleeting-second of a chance to share what we are so happy with. Sure, we can post a few with the invitation ”Which one do you like best: 1, 2, 3, 4?” But how often do people really take the time to peruse a mini-gallery online? Yes, it’s for the client and yes if they’re happy we’re happy, but sharing our successes with our peers is certainly as important as looking for community support in our times of defeat.

So it was with Mary, my daughter’s girlfriend/partner/kidnapper (her words, not mine!). During an outing for new pics for her work media sites, there was no shortage of “Oh! You could use this one!” moments. The words “wow!” and ”nice!” were getting a workout and when I sat down later to scroll through the images, I was initially happy the became a bit concerned that I didn’t immediately see one obvious favorite – because there were so many I liked.

Ultimately, the task falls to our clients to make the decision for themselves and we can enjoy the luxury of a putting up the gallery and getting on with our day. If we’ve gotten to this place than we’ve fulfilled our calling. The likes and comments will come; the 1, 2, 3 or 4 chosen…or not. We can always save a few pictures for another post on another day.

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