Yes, I really am this tall in real-life!

Hi, I’m Marcus

Since as far back as I can remember, I have had a love affair with cameras and photography. From my first 126 camera with a flash cube when I was 5 or 6 years old to my 110, my little spy camera (yes, my Opa who gave it to me may have been a real spy!), to the mirrorless, drone and watersport cameras that I use today, I love to capture the beautiful, remarkable and memorable moments in Life for myself and others. Beauty is all around us and capturing it makes my world a little better.

What I Do

PORTRAIT I love working one-on-one with my Portrait Clients to capture them at their best! Whether for a professional headshot, an eye-grabbing social media or dating app pic, or building their acting or modeling portfolios, the playful creativity of a Portrait session is extraordinary.

EVENTS Music Festivals, Fairs, Artists, Shows. Anywhere that people gather to celebrate what they love is a place that I am happy to be! Capturing the vibrancy, color and energy in an event is exhilarating (and exhausting!).

NOTE: I do not photograph weddings.

PLACES I love to travel but I hate being a tourist (Ugh! That word!). I have been called a ”Closet Anthropologist” which I happily accept. My aforementioned Opa had been to every country in the world but three in his lifetime and he introduced me to many of them through his photographs, films and stories. I am fascinated by how people live and think and view the world from their unique perspectives. Capturing the essence of their lives and homes is a rare gift.