What Do You See

A small closed off room, a dozen or so students with cameras and tripods, scattered hot lights on dubious stands with a jumble of cables snaking underfoot and two young models. This was the scene for Model Day; a learning exercise in portrait photography in a class I was taking at a local college. More…

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Choices, choices, choices

As frustrating as it can be to come back from a session and have a hard time finding anything to my liking, the opposite can be truly frustrating as well! I don’t believe there is such a thing as “too many keepers”, but when a number of pictures turn out so well, and the subject…

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Don’t Look Away

From the viewfinder. That’s my learning to share and to reinforce in my own mind. All too often when I am taking portraits with someone who is not used to being in front of a camera (in a non-selfie situation), a good deal of time is spent trying to relax them, and have them look…

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